LOOK: Mark Cuban trolls President Trump by wearing No. 46 at celebrity game

Playing in theĀ NBA All Star Celebrity Game, Mark Cuban was not going to miss a chance to take a shot at President Donald Trump. He did so with his jersey.

Specifically, Cuban used his jersey number to tweak President Trump, the United States’ 45th Commander in Chief.

Cuban and Trump are long-time rivals, dating back to well before Trump’s presidency, or even candidacy. Cuban is often critical of the President on Twitter. Recently, President Trump recently took a direct swipe back at Cuban.

One thing we can say about President Trump is that he doesn’t take these kind of high-profile digs lying down. So, we can expect some sort of reply to the Dallas Mavericks owner.

Maybe Cuban will decide that he wants to become the 46th President of the United States. Debates could be on Twitter.