LOOK: Jeff Fisher claps back at internet troll

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing social media loves more than roasting someone and when it comes to the football world in 2019, an unexpected face has emerged as the king of clapping back at trolls.

Former Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams head coach is at it again on Twitter. After savagely roasting an NFL reporter in April, the ex-NFL coach turned his eye toward a fan on Saturday.

Anthony Drummer was hunting for retweets when he trolled Fisher’s post about his five favorite Star Wars characters with a ‘7-9’ joke. Instead, Anthony was on the receiving end of Fisher’s clap back force.

If you’re going to come at Fisher with a false report or troll him with a ‘7-9’ joke that everyone knows is coming, it’s best not to be off the mark. The 61-year-old coach is proving he can roast with the best of them on social media.

Fisher’s final years as a head coach in the NFL will be remembered for losing, but at least Twitter gives him a place where he can finally win.