LOOK: Jalen Ramsey’s cleat troll game is strong

Second-year Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been one of the best football players on the planet thus far this season. He’s also been the center of drama, including this fight with A.J. Green back in Week 9.

At 6-3, Ramsey and his Jaguars are playing tremendous football. They’re also set to take on a winless Cleveland Browns squad on Sunday.

Whether it’s in response to the aforementioned fight with Green or something completely different, Ramsey’s trolling hard with his cleats for Sunday’s game.

In the Internet meme world, the Arthur fist is a sign that you are angry. Those who have frequented Facebook or Twitter know this full well.

What could Ramsey be angry about? Is he about to take this frustration out on a hapless Browns squad? We’re sure to get answers from the talkative defensive back after the game. But for now, it’s okay to speculate.

In any event, these cleats are absolute fire.