LOOK: Fan made insane Fenway Park map in Fortnite

Sep 4, 2019; Boston, MA, USA; A general view of Fenway Park during a rain delay before the Boston Red Sox play the Minnesota Twins. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented sports fans from enjoying baseball for nearly two months. While baseball fans won’t be able to visit Fenway Park anytime soon, one creative baseball fan made an incredible map that captures it perfectly.

The epic creation made by SKTTLZ perfectly captures so many of the iconic details at Fenway Park. From the Green Monster to Pesky’s Pole and the red seats, it makes you feel like you’re standing right at the part in one of the best stadiums in sports.

While there are plenty of creative maps on Fortnite for gamers to enjoy, the level of detail in this map will resonate with baseball fans so well. The fact that people can even take some swings in the baseball mode makes it all the more incredible.

Hopefully, even more iconic MLB stadium maps are to come. From Dodger Stadium to Wrigley Field, there are definitely a few iconic places that we’d love to explore in the virtual world.