LOOK: Chiefs’ Mecole Hardman sporting Ghetto Blaster ahead of game

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Mecole Hardman made a lot of noise on the field during his first season with the team.

Now set to make his NFL Playoff debut against the Houston Texans, Hardman is making some noise off the field.

Check out the get-up the electric young pass catcher wore as he entered Arrowhead Stadium for Sunday’s game. It’s the best thing we’ve seen all season.

That’s a boombox on Hardman’s shoulder. Children of the 80s will also remember these as Ghetto Blasters. For real, they were all the craze before Hardman himself was even born.

We’re going to predict it now. Hardman is going off for 100 yards and a touchdown. It’s the only end result after the epicness he showed ahead of Sunday’s game.

Write it down.