LOOK: Booger McFarland trolls PFT Commenter

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst Booger McFarland has dealt with plenty of trolls on social media this season after a variety of blunders. On Friday morning, he got his chance to fire back at one of Twitter’s biggest sports trolls.

After completing an intense cycling workout in the morning, McFarland captured a screenshot then put his workout numbers on display with a little shot at PFT Commenter included.

The workout and troll tweet are probably the best things we’ve seen from Booger this year for a national audience, though the bar to clear is quite low.

While he’s been a disastrous announcer this season, between embarrassing mistakes and getting roasted by NFL fans, at least McFarland dominates in one area. Now we know what he’ll do in his free time when the season ends.