Lifelong Eagles fan creates GoFundMe to become team’s new owner

By Rachel Wold

Last year’s shenanigans by former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly were enough to make fans in the city pull their hair out.

Kelly is long gone, but that hasn’t stopped the frustration from continuing to be a part of the daily lives of Eagles fans the world over.

The Eagles got their fans’ attention (and not in a good way), when they traded with the Cleveland Browns for the No. 2 spot in the upcoming NFL draft.

On the heels of this unpopular trade, Eagles fan Paul Mayne has had enough. On the day of the trade, Mayne created a GoFundMe page to help him become the new Eagles owner.

This excerpt explaining his reasoning comes from Mayne’s GoFundMe page.

“As a life long eagles fan I thought after today’s devastating news coming out of Philadelphia that enough is enough and it’s time for a change. Today the organization I have cheered and sometimes booed, proved to me that they are incapable of making wise decisions. Jeffery Lurie the current owner of the Philadelphia Eagles is the definition of incompetent. Since his purchase of the team in 1994 he has yet to win a Super Bowl and I believe that 21 years is a long enough drought.”

Mayne’s narrative is quite lengthy. He proudly explains his admiration for Philadelphia, which he reiterates it the City of Brotherly Love. Winning a Super Bowl would be Mayne’s ultimate goal.

In the eyes of some, the Eagles are giving up the farm for an unknown. Plus, why would the Eagles move up if they are content with Sam Bradford? The team claims Bradford is not up for trade, instead it is reportedly set to have him start under center next season.

Understandably, Bradford is enraged and will reportedly seek a trade.

In any event, the team’s status appears to be quite chaotic.

Unfortunately after one day, Mayne’s GoFundMe hasn’t received a penny of the $15 million he is seeking. Perhaps once fans get wind of the page, they’ll help Mayne’s cause.