Le’Veon Bell explains why he’s not worried about body breaking down

By Jesse Reed

Running backs in the NFL have a shorter shelf life than players who play any other position, due to the fact that they constantly take hits every time they touch the ball.

One of the game’s best, Le’Veon Bell, is one of the league’s most heavily utilized backs, which could certainly lead to an early end to his career.

But none of that bothers Bell, who believes his style of play and his skill set will keep him healthy for years to come.

“I don’t really compare myself to a lot of other running backs — that’s no offense to any other running back, but just the fact that I can see and avoid hits,” Bell said, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com. “It’s not like when I get the ball 30 times or 35 times and I’m really taking 30 car crashes. Either I’m delivering the blow or I’m getting to the ground. I’m sore after games, but it’s not like I’m aching. I don’t have to miss practices. I can go full speed and be good.”

It’s worth noting that Bell did wear down following the 2016 season when a groin injury kept him from helping the Pittsburgh Steelers from beating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

It’s also worth noting that one of the reasons Bell might have an edge compared to some other running backs is that he has missed a lot of offseason workouts and held out of training camp last year. He and the Steelers are facing a similar situation this summer as he’s threatened to hold out without a long-term deal.