LeSean McCoy a no-show for first workouts under new Bills HC Sean McDermott

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy didn’t show up for the first offseason workouts of the 2017 offseason, the first under new head coach Sean McDermott.

It’s not a huge deal considering these workouts are totally voluntary. However, other players like Tyrod Taylor and Richie Incognito were eager to get to work under the new regime. Heck, even Sammy Watkins, who cannot even fully practice still recovering from a second foot surgery is there, working out on a bike.

We don’t want to make a huge fuss about McCoy missing these workouts, but he is missing out on a key opportunity to show he’s all-in on the new program. His absence will be keenly felt.

As an eight-year veteran, he’s one of the leaders on Buffalo’s offense. An offense that is going to be relying a lot on a strong running game based on the fact that it spent some decent money on one of the NFL’s top fullbacks in Patrick DiMarco.

Hopefully McCoy had a good reason for skipping out this time around.