LeBron James roasts Celtics fans over Isaiah Thomas criticism

LeBron James

LeBron James went off on Twitter Thursday morning after Boston Celtics fans posted videos to social media burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey. James, whose jersey has been lit aflame more than once by fans, was unhappy and with good reason.

Normally it’s easy to criticize James in a situation like this, but he’s absolutely right. Isaiah Thomas didn’t ask to leave Boston or depart in free agency. He was traded. And, as James points out, Thomas played for the Celtics in the aftermath of his sister’s death. Being angry at him is absurd.

The entire concept of player loyalty is outdated and ridiculous as well, as James touched on later in his rant.

Nobody who burns jerseys would turn down a job offer for millions more dollars out of loyalty to their prior employer. It’s easy to forget this, but playing basketball is a job. Getting mad at players for taking advantage of what the free market offers is absurd. Getting mad at Thomas for something out of his control is delusional.