LeBron James NBA’s Highest-Paid Player

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of USA Today Images

LeBron James may be on the verge of leading his Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA title, which would assuredly help him line his checking account with a few more dollars.

Not that he needs it.

According to Forbes annual list of the world’s highest-paid athletes, King James comes in No. 1 overall among basketball players. The two-time NBA champion is sixth among all athletes with a whopping annual pay of $64.8 million, right ahead of Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant ($54.1 million).

The interesting thing here is that NBA’s golden boy, Kobe Bryant, comes in third behind James and Durant at $49.5 million.

As Nike’s go-to-guy, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And in reality, James pretty much has his hand in every lucrative venture available to players in today’s NBA.

Derrick Rose ($33.9 million) and Carmelo Anthony ($30.5 million) round out the five highest-paid basketball players in the world.

Interestingly, not a single member of the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors makes an appearance in the top 100.

Looking at the list in its entirety, Floyd Mayweather comes in at No. 1 overall with $300 million in pay. That’s $140 million more than the second highest-paid athlete on the list, rival Manny Pacquiao.

Photo: USA Today Sports