LeBron James’ agent to Lakers GM: ‘Let’s talk’

LeBron James

It likely won’t come to fruition this summer, but the idea of LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers has picked up steam over the past several weeks. James, who is going to be a free agent following the 2017-18 season, is unhappy about the direction of his Cleveland Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, the Lakers themselves seem to be on the upswing out west. Add in the Lakers’ decision to sit out the top-end of free agency, and things seem to be pointing to James potentially heading to Southern California.

Now comes these potentially earth-shattering remarks from James’ agent, Rich Paul.

To be clear here, Paul also represents Eric Bledsoe and John Wall, among others.

Still, it’s rather interesting that he would go out of his way to tell Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka that he’s interested in what the team has done this summer.

This is something to definitely keep an eye on as the NBA offseason draws to a conclusion here over the next two months. James obviously isn’t excited about what his Cavaliers have done during the summer. And for their part, the Lakers have set themselves up extremely well when it comes to adding top-end free agents next summer.