WATCH: LaMarcus Aldridge pulls a Zaza Pachulia on Kevin Durant

LaMarcus Aldridge

Gregg Popovich has some explaining to do, or he needs to chew out LaMarcus Aldridge for intentionally trying to hurt Kevin Durant.

One game after Zaza Pachulia’s infamous closeout on Kawhi Leonard resulted in the San Antonio Spurs losing their star forward, Aldridge pulled the exact same move.

Late in the second quarter, the Golden State Warriors were up by 29 points when Aldridge was on the perimeter guarding Durant. After Durant went up for a jumper, Aldridge put his hand up to contest the shot, took a step towards Durant in the process, and then after coming too late, took yet another step so that his left foot was directly under Durant’s right foot when it came down.

It was literally the exact same thing that Pachulia did to Leonard, which you can see here.

On Monday, Popovich eviscerated Pachulia in a media session for an “unnatural closeout” that he saw as a dirty play. One game later, his player did the exact same thing.

Thankfully Durant wasn’t injured on this play. He very well could have been.