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Lamar Jackson ‘not looking good’ to play in Ravens vs. Bengals AFC Wild Card game

lamar jackson, baltimore ravens
Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It is starting to look unlikely that superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson will be able to suit up in the Baltimore Ravens’ playoff game on Sunday.

The Ravens have had a difficult path to the NFL playoffs in 2023. After being at the top of the AFC North standings for much of the year, they lost their starting quarterback early in Week 13 and have been struggling to maintain the offensive standard he left ever since.

It is unsurprising that with Lamar Jackson away, the Ravens only won half of their games and lost a chance at a division title and home playoff game as the offense scuffled just to score a couple of touchdowns each week.

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The plan during that time has always been to be cautious, do enough to secure a spot in the NFL playoffs, and have Jackson healthy and ready to rock for a postseason run. However, that doesn’t seem in the cards for Baltimore because Lamar Jackson’s knee is reportedly still “not quite right” after nearly six weeks of rehabilitation.

Lamar Jackson unlikely to play in Baltimore Ravens’ playoff game

lamar jackson, baltimore ravens
Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday morning, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport revealed that sources have informed him Lamar Jackson does not seem on track to compete in the Ravens’ playoff rematch with the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, because his knee has not responded fast enough to treatment.

“The people I’ve spoken with, [say it’s] not looking good for Lamar Jackson. Which I would say is a little bit of a surprise. If you go back, Dec. 4 was the last time he played — battling a PCL sprain. I know so many people thought, ‘alright, if Lamar’s not gonna play for the regular season, surely he will be ready for the playoffs.’

“However, my understanding — this is something sources have said over the past 24 hours — is that Lamar Jackson faces an uphill battle to be able to get out on the field in the playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals. He is trying, he’s rehabbing, but he is just not quite right.”

– Ian Rapoport

There has been a great deal of speculation over the last couple of weeks that not only would the team be cautious with the injury, but so will Jackson. Since the five-year veteran is set to become a free agent in the spring.

Jackson missed practice again on Wednesday, his 16th straight. Adding further fuel to the fire of missing this weekend’s game.

  • Lamar Jackson stats (2022): 12 games, 3,006 total yards, 20 total TDs, 7 INT

The Ravens vs. Bengals game goes down on Sunday and will bring NFL Wild Card Weekend to a close at 8:15 PM ET on NBC.