Kyrie Irving now expected to be traded from Brooklyn Nets

Everyone wants to know what’s happening with Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets. Sure, many may not see the fit on their preferred team, but Irving is an undeniable talent, one of the very best in basketball.

Any time a player like Irving, a seven-time All-Star becomes available, you can bet a wide range of teams will come calling. That could be exactly what’s playing out right now in the 2022 offseason.

Kyrie Irving’s contract situation could lead to split

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Perhaps the biggest reason why Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets could be heading for divorce is because the 30-year-old point guard has a $36.9 million player option, which he has to make a decision on by June 29. Either way, Irving likely wants a long-term deal, which the Nets may not be willing to commit to, or at least not at the max level.

But plenty of other teams will be ready to step up, with a max offer. Irving is one of the best point guards in basketball, and look at the depths some teams have gone to just to find a starting-caliber lead guard.

Irving has played next to Kevin Durant for two seasons with the Nets, but they haven’t accomplished their goals of bringing a championship to Brooklyn. Now it could all be coming to a close, before Ben Simmons could even hit the floor.

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Kyrie Irving ready to find a new team

Now that the draft has passed, the next portion of player movement should pick up, which means the trade market should get rolling. There’s less than a week yet before Irving has to make his decision on June 29, but chances are he and the Nets already know which direction the All-NBA point guard is leaning.

“There’s an expectation that Kyrie Irving will now proceed shortly into finding a new home via an opt-in-and-trade potential situation.”

SHams Charania on Kyrie Irving’s future

As mentioned, if Irving hits the trade block, you’ll see plenty of teams mentioned. Any franchise that doesn’t have an elite point guard should reasonably inquire, but that may not be the case. No matter what, Irving likely wants to land with a championship contender. Does he no longer feel like the Nets present that opportunity? We’re about to find out.

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