Kevin Durant claims ‘no involvement at all’ in Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving negotiations

brooklyn nets, kevin durant

When it comes to ongoing negotiations between the Brooklyn Nets and teammate Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant is staying out of what he calls one of the most “important times” in the career of his friend.

Nets fans, and many NBA observers, are looking on with curiosity to see if Irving and the organization decide to continue their relationship. There are three ways the current situation can play out. Irving opts into the final year of his deal after agreeing to a new long-term extension. Both sides could agree it won’t work but feel a sign-and-trade elsewhere is best for all involved, or the superstar guard opts out and hits the free-agent market.

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The last two options could have a trickle-down effect with many around the league assuming if Irving leaves, Durant will then ask for an exit. It has made some speculate that the 12-time All-Star may be trying to exert some influence on the ongoing negotiations in the hope of keeping the duo in Brooklyn.

Kevin Durant wants nothing to do with Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving negotiations

brooklyn nets, kevin durant

However, during a new edition of his The ETCs with Kevin Durant podcast, the two-time NBA champion claimed he is keeping his nose out of the conversations between Irving and the team because he has no control on such a decision.

“[There’s] no involvement at all. I can’t be involved with it. This is this man’s livelihood. This is much bigger than me. Being a free agent, it’s one of the most important times in your career. That can’t be swayed by anybody else. I just do me and wait for the time … I just let things play out and see what happens, but keep the regular contact up with Ky and see what happens. It’s something that’s so much out of my control that I don’t want to be a part of it.”

Kevin Durant on Irving and Nets negotiations

Kevin Durant has four years $195 million left on his Brooklyn Nets deal. Meaning if he did wanted a trade, the entire league would be interested and he would not have a lot of leverage in deciding where he goes.

Irving has until June 29 to decide if he will opt into the final year of his contract.

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