Klay Thompson’s mom, Iguodals’s wife do all his clothes shopping

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson is one of those quiet cool dudes. He doesn’t go on social media looking to respond to criticism of him. He certainly isn’t out here attending grand opening of restaurants.

A good time for Klay includes walks on the beaches with his dog and a trip to China.

It also apparently doesn’t include shopping for his own clothes. In talking with ESPN’s Stacey Pressman recently, Thompson noted that others do his shopping for him. He also attributes it to his improved off-court style.

Though, it’s who actually does his shopping that’s most interesting.

“Andre (Iguodala), for sure. My mom and his wife go shopping together for us,” Thompson responded when asked who the best dressed on the Warriors was. “They have good senses of style.”

That’s one way to go about it. It does show off for both Iguodala and Thompson. They are GQ on a near-nightly basis when heading to the arena.

Now down a cool $30 million in his next contract after failing to make the All-NBA team, one has to wonder if Thompson’s is going to direct his mom to go bargain shopping.

Then again, that’s not going to happen. It’s his mom. She wants Klay dressed well. Who is to blame her?