Kirk Cousins: ‘Shame on me’ if I base life on money

The Vikings signing Kirk Cousins will go down as one of the worst deals in NFL Free agency this year

The Washington Redskins recently said they would be willing to make Kirk Cousins the richest quarterback in the league, according to a report. That’s a jaw-dropping idea right there.

However things play out with a potential contract for Cousins, he admitted he does not play the sport with dollar signs in his eyes.

“I never want to play football thinking about money,” he said via Brian Parsons of WAVY.com. “I think that you get in trouble doing that. I put my confidence in the Lord, in my faith. If I’m gonna build my life [based] on money shame on me. That’s not where I draw my security from, never should be. My parents didn’t raise me that way.”

For some players, money means everything. The exact opposite seems to be true for Cousins. Cousins is slated to play out the 2017 season under the franchise tender. This would be the second year he will earn a paycheck on a franchise tag if he and the Redskins do not come to contract terms by the July 17th deadline.

Cousins says his job is to play football and that it is up to his agent to iron out a contract.

“I hired my agent to do his job,” Cousins said per Stephanie Funkhouser of West Michigan’s Fox 17. “I gotta go play football and throw touchdown passes and help our team win. I’ve got plenty to work on there. So I’ll let my agent do his job, I’ll do mine. And the good news is I’m under contract for this season and in a good place.”

Right now, all Cousins can do is aim to impress during training camp while he relies on his faith and his agent to carve the path that is best for his future. And, we will see soon enough if Washington indeed makes Cousins the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

Tick, tock.