Kirk Cousins drops serious hint about free agency in open letter to Washington

Quarterback Kirk Cousins will likely become a member of a new team in the next few days. As such, Cousins wrote a heartfelt thank you and farewell to Washington. And he also hinted about some potential plans for free agency.

Here are some of the farewell highlights from Cousins’ personal blog.

“I will forever be grateful to Mike Shanahan for taking a chance on me in the 2012 draft. At the time, many people saw his selection as foolish. Time proved otherwise and taught me that there are no guarantees in this business — if you work hard and learn from your mistakes, good things can happen.

I am filled with gratitude over the unwavering support and devotion from you, the fans, both on and off the field.

I’ll miss Trent Williams’ clever one-liners at a teammate’s poor fashion choices (mostly mine) … breakfast with Scherff and Sundberg …Tress Way’s trivia games … Ryan Kerrigan’s consistency … Jordan Reed’s horrible ping pong (but amazing routes) … Chatting with Jamison Crowder & Josh Doctson in the cold tub …“Dunkin’ Fridays” with Colt McCoy… and on and on.

When Cooper (Cousins’ son) someday asks: “Hey Dad, what was it like playing for the Redskins?” I’ll proudly tell him it was a dream come true.

Thanks for having me, Washington, and thanks for making me into the player I am today!”


It is highly anticipated that he will sign with the Minnesota Vikings once he is officially allowed to do so. Though, interestingly enough, Cousins tagged the New York Jets as well as the Vikings at the bottom of his blog post.

That in itself is very thought-provoking. The Jets are one of a half of a dozen or so teams that have shown interest in Cousins, and they’re reportedly not adverse to making him extremely rich.

It’s worth pointing out that Cousins updated this blog after this interesting tidbit circulated around the web.

The Redskins drafted Cousins in the fourth-round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He played in a total of 62 games, starting in 57. Cousins produced a 26-30-1 record while averaging a 65.5 percent pass completion rate. During his three seasons as a starter, he passed for no less than 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns on the year.

We wish Cousins the best of luck wherever he decides his future will be.