Kevin Sumlin responds to TAMU board of regents member’s rant

Texas A&M fell victim to a massive comeback win by Josh Rosen and UCLA Sunday night, give up a 34-point lead in the process. For coach Kevin Sumlin, who was put on the hot seat by the Texas A&M athletic director on national television before the season ever began (watch here), it wasn’t ideal.

Then after the game, board of regents member Tony Buzbee posted a message on his Facebook account in which he did a lot more than criticize Sumlin for the loss. Among other things, he highlighted what he sees as Sumlin’s “arrogance and his mishandling of multiple player controversies.” He also said Sumlin “needs to GO.”


It made national news, not surprisingly. And not surprisingly, Sumlin was asked about it.

“People are frustrated. I’m frustrated about a lot of things,” Sumlin said, per ESPN’s Sam Khan Jr.. “I’m not real happy. I’m sure there are a lot of things being said about this program.

“Our focus is on us. That never changes. I’m not in the business of really paying attention to anything outside this program, or comments good or bad. My focus is on what we can do to be better. I don’t really have time to get involved in things that are said about the program or about me.”

Even if you completely agree with what Buzbee said, it’s hard not to also agree with the approach Sumlin is taking. You know what Buzbee wrote had to sting, if not burn white hot in Sumlin’s veins. Like all coaches, he wants to win and create a lasting legacy that is looked at as a rousing success.

However, to this point in Sumlin’s tenure as head coach of the Texas A&M football program, the Aggies have generally been very disappointing. He sports a 44-22 record at Texas A&M and has lost his last two bowl games.

Next up for the Aggies is a home game against Nicholls, which should be just the salve Sumlin and his team needs to get well.