Kevin Garnett annihilates T-Wolves owner, curses on live television

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty apparent that Kevin Garnett does not think much about Glen Taylor. Or, at the least, he doesn’t respect Taylor’s knowledge of basketball.

Speaking about the seemingly neverending Jimmy Butler saga on TNT’s “NBA Tip-Off,” Garnett spoke bluntly of Taylor. He said that Taylor, the longtime owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves “doesn’t know s*** about basketball.”

You can see Garnett’s unedited words here.

Taylor has owned the Timberwolves since 1995. As such, his ownership covered Garnett’s entire tenure as a player in Minnesota from 1995-2007 and again in 2015-16.

It’s pretty safe to say that Garnett has developed some pretty strong feelings for his former boss. The 2017-18 season marked the first time that the Timberwolves had made the playoffs since 2004. While they reached the playoffs eight straight years with Garnett, they only got beyond the first round once.

So, it’s kind of hard to argue with Garnett’s assessment.