Kevin Durant’s brand manager rips Russell Westbrook: ‘Nobody wants to play with him’

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Russell Westbrook is currently in talks with the Oklahoma City Thunder about potentially being traded, but if you believe Kevin Durant’s brand manager Randy Williams, he’ll have a hard time finding any takers.

Williams, who is also Durant’s good friend, absolutely ripped into Westbrook in a response to a Bleacher Report Instagram post. TheWarriorsTalk on Twitter took a screenshot of his response and shared it on social media.

Williams wrote that “No one wants to play with Russ!” He accused Westbrook of only looking out for himself, and for caring more about individual stats than the team winning.

Quite honestly, what Williams wrote is not dissimilar to what many have opined over the years as Westbrook has piled up the stats but failed to elevate his team.

Also, while Durant hasn’t chimed in, it’s notable that someone so close to him, who watched him interact with Westbrook, took such a demonstrative stance on a public platform. It’s also worth pointing out that Durant has not been particularly warm toward his old teammate since leaving Oklahoma City.

For what it’s worth, we recently laid out an argument why teams looking to contend should stay far, far away from the triple-double king.