Kevin Durant has reportedly lost confidence in Brooklyn Nets’ front office, no communication

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are already dealing with drama and a likely departure from Kyrie Irving this summer. Now, there could be issues with Kevin Durant that might eventually result in a blockbuster trade and the collapse of a championship contender.

Many around the NBA believe Irving’s tenure in Brooklyn is over. While there is a possibility of a contract extension, it’s become increasingly apparent there is a growing rift in the relationship. With Brooklyn uninterested in meeting Irving’s asking price, the All-Star point guard will likely be playing elsewhere next season.

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In the wake of the Irving rumors, many speculated about Durant’s future in Brooklyn. He specifically signed with the Nets to play alongside Irving, despite many free agents in the past seeing it as an undesirable location.

With his close friend now disgruntled and the team coming off an ugly showing in the NBA playoffs, Durant’s issues with the front office are coming to the surface.

According to Logan Murdock on The Void podcast, the NBA insider shed some light on the situation between the Nets and Durant. The future Hall of Famer isn’t talking to decision-makers in Brooklyn’s front office, seemingly the result of a distrust with those in the front office.

“Kevin Durant has not talked to the team in weeks…I don’t think Kevin is confident in the front office right now. I don’t know if he is at the stage of leaving, but there is a big uneasiness from the KD side.”

NBA insider Logan Murdock on Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets

It’s widely known that Durant and Irving are extremely close. When Brooklyn decided to back off its word that Irving couldn’t be a part-time player, due to his refusal to get vaccinated Durant’s influence swayed things. While one of the best guards of his generation returned to the court, Murdock’s reporting suggests Durant still wasn’t pleased with how the front office treated Irving.

“I think he didn’t feel like the front office grew to try to understand Kyrie.”

Logan Murdock on why Kevin Durant lost confidence in the Brooklyn Nets front office

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It’s not the only problem. Brooklyn also parted ways with coach Adam Harrington, who Murdock shares is a long-time friend of Durant. The two worked together years ago with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the decision to part ways with Harrington had a ripple effect.

Before the 2021-’22 NBA season began, many viewed Brooklyn as the favorite to win the NBA Finals. A year later, it seems increasingly realistic that Durant and Irving are both playing elsewhere the next time the Nets take the court.

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