Kenny Stills calls for marijuana to replace opioids

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills is adding his voice to the growing chorus of former and current NFL players supporting marijuana as an alternative to opiates.

I feel like that NFLPA knows what they’re doing,” Stills said, per Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “I’ve always felt that medical marijuana is a good substitute for the prescription drugs that we’re using. And so if the science and the doctors say the same thing, then I don’t see why it’s an issue. You’re starting to see in more states it’s become legal. And more states where it’s becoming legal for recreational use. So if it can help, I don’t see why not. There is always going to be some negativity or uproar about something. But if the players need it, then I’m all for it. . . .

“I think it would be more of a substitute for the prescription OxyContin, the hard stuff that they are giving you. Or, when you are struggling with a concussion.”

The NFLPA is currently looking into the viability of cannabis as an alternative to the opioid drugs that are so dangerous to players’ health, both short and long term.

Interestingly, another report suggests NFL owners are not necessarily opposed to this becoming a reality around the league (more on that here).

Given the bevy of pro-marijuana laws that were passed around the nation this week during the general election, this isn’t terribly surprising.

There has never been more support for the legalization of marijuana across the United States. Such a development could be a tremendous boon to NFL players, who are currently being treated with outrageous amounts of opioids.

Former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, who thinks he was pushed out of his job because of his cannabis activism, spearheaded the movement that Stills has joined.

Many NFL players get hooked on the opioid drugs that are handed out like candy in locker rooms around the league. Former NFL players have spoken up about the immense benefits of using cannabis instead of dangerous drugs like Oxycontin, including former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon.

CBD oil is also being studied in depth in relationship to brain trauma, which could become a huge help to players who suffer a concussion.

Overall, it seems the league is starting to lean in the direction of lifting the ban that currently exists surrounding any form of marijuana. However, the current CBA is standing in the way of any immediate change, as both the NFLPA and NFL signed off on the ban five years ago.