Video: NFL star told cop he’d fail a drug test during traffic stop

By Jesse Reed
Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels

Last week, Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt was pulled over and cited for speeding, and during that stop police found marijuana in his vehicle.

Now bombshell video of that arrest, acquired by TMZ Sports, shows the situation was even more troubling than all that.

Per the police video, weed was found in a bag with Hunt’s name on it, and he confessed to the officer who pulled him over that he would fail a drug test. Furthermore, an open container of vodka was found in that same bag.

Hunt seemed to realize that he could be in a ton of trouble.

“Man, I’ve been through a lot,” Hunt said in the video. “Officer, I’ve been through a lot.”

“I just — it stresses me out,” Hunt later added. “I lost everything already, sir. I’m just trying to be in my hometown and chill.”

The officer chided Hunt and reminded him that he is already on his second chance.

“You had a good second part of the year,” the officer says. “You don’t want to screw that up over some weed.”

Later, he referenced Ray Rice as he continued to scold Hunt for “pissing” on this chance with his reckless behavior.

“Look at the Ravens running back — what happened to him? Rice. I mean, dude, I’m shocked that you got a second chance.”

The NFL will certainly be looking into this incident further given Hunt’s past transgressions.

Last season he spent half the year suspended due to multiple off-field assault allegations, including one incident during which he was videotaped abusing a woman in the hallway of a hotel — the reason he was released by the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2018.