Just one weekend into MLB season, and fears rising that it’s already over

By Jesse Reed
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 MLB season is less than a week old, and already there are growing fears that it may already be at risk of being done.

The Miami Marlins are currently dealing with a major COVID-19 outbreak, with at least 14 people and 12 players (roughly 40% of their active roster) having tested positive. The franchise played Sunday against the Philadelphia Phillies, despite knowing about four positive tests from their Friday testing.

Again, we’re literally days into the 2020 MLB season. The league isn’t playing in a bubble, like MLS and the NBA. So it was inevitable that positive tests would impact teams.

However, the incredible speed at which this outbreak on Miami’s roster took over has many wondering if MLB is already doomed to fall on its face in 2020.