Josh Allen just stiff-armed Los Angels Rams safety Nick Scott into next week

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is a big man. The former first-round pick from Wyoming knows how to use that size to his advantage, both in the pocket and when running the ball. At 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds, a majority of defensive backs don’t want any of that smoke.

We can now put Los Angeles Rams safety Nick Scott into that category. In the third quarter of Thursday’s season opener between these two Super Bowl contenders, Allen took off when faced with some pressure. Making his way to the left sideline, Buffalo’s quarterback aimed for the first-down marker.

That’s when he decided to throw Scott down like a rag dall, stiff-arming him into next week in the process. It was violent. It was awesome. It was mean.

Imagine being Scott and having to go back into the Rams’ huddle to face your teammates. We’re sure he’s going to hear about it, no matter the outcome of the game. Perhaps, we should also take it easy on Scott given that he weighs roughly 36 pounds less than Allen and stands six inches shorter. Earlier in the game, we saw Allen lower his shoulder into Rams linebacker Ernest Jones, too.

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Buffalo Bills might have to tone it down with Josh Allen

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We’re not even one game into the 2022 season, and Allen is acting like a defensive player out on the field. Injuries have not been an issue for the NFL MVP candidate as he’s started all 49 games over the past three seasons. Even then, we’re talking about one of the most-important players in the game.

Allen is already being relied on a lot in the running back. The last thing a championship-contending Bills team needs is for Allen to go down to injury acting the part of a linebacker.

Then again, it’s hard to ask a quarterback to change his ways. Allen is among the best in the business. A lot of that has to do with his reckless and highlight-reel plays on the field.

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