Former player seeking $15 million in lawsuit against Jim Mora, UCLA and NCAA

Former UCLA Bruins offensive lineman John Lopez is seeking more than $15 million in a lawsuit against the university, its former coach Jim Mora, and the NCAA, per TMZ Sports.

Lopez alleges that Mora’s practices were “unnecessarily brutal” and that he was rushed back into action far too soon after multiple concussions. He also says that he was “ridiculed for being injured … and alleges one of Mora’s coaches even made up a special drill where other players were encouraged to ‘f*** him up!'”

In 2015, Lopez medically retired from the team after suffering yet another concussion. A year later, he says he was in such bad shape due to the brain trauma he suffered that he attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on a combination of over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Thankfully, he was rushed to the hospital after informing family members and friends of his attempt, and medical professionals were able to save his life.

Lopez is suing Mora, UCLA and the NCAA, “saying the trauma he suffered during his time at UCLA is preventing him from finishing school and is causing him emotional pain, suffering and distress,” per TMZ Sports.