John Harbaugh weirdly compares childbirth to joint practice

John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles participated in a joint training camp practice on Wednesday, and some players complained that it was the toughest practice they’ve ever had.

This apparently came as a surprise to head coach John Harbaugh, who came up with this weird comment regarding the joint session. Via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Harbaugh said:

“To me, it’s the same training camp we’ve always had. Maybe it’s like childbirth — it’s not so bad after you have your kid. I can’t speak to that; maybe some of us here can.”

That’s quite rich coming from Harbaugh, considering he cannot personally testify to the ridiculous pain involved in giving birth to a child. Right after he made the comment, he reportedly scanned the media to see if he could find a female reporter to backup his silly remark.

“Does it seem so bad a couple years later? But when you’re going through it it’s really rough. [The players are] going through it right now, so I can see why they think it’s the toughest one.”

At least Harbaugh did admit that his practices have gotten more challenging over the past seasons and that he is also focusing on player recovery time. Reportedly, after Wednesday’s practice, the players spent an entire hour to focus on the recovery process.

“We do a lot more things to take care of the guys between practices than we’ve ever done before. To me, the thing is you can practice the way we’ve practiced if you’ve got guys that can recover and come back and stay healthy.”

Despite Harbaugh inserting a giant shoe into his mouth with his childbirth comment, it does appear that he has an effective and balanced practice system in place.