Joe Thomas struggling with retirement decision: ‘It’s difficult’

Joe Thomas blasted United Airlines

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas may or may not return for an 11th NFL season in 2018. He was one of the NFL’s iron men prior to being injured this past season, having gone 167 straight games without missing a start.

On Tuesday evening, the All-Pro lineman admitted he’s going back-and-forth about whether to come back or retire, saying, “It’s difficult,” per Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland. Additionally, he confirmed that he’s been auditioning for television jobs, and according to one report from Monday, he’s been darn impressive.

If Thomas does decide to play again in 2018, then he’ll be among the highest-paid offensive tackles in the league. Based on the fact that he’s admittedly wrestling with this decision, he seems to still love playing the game.

However, considering he’s admitted in the past that he is already dealing with memory-loss issues, perhaps the better course of action is to just fall back into a sweet gig on the broadcasting side, where he’d be a natural fit.