Joe Namath: Jets should start Christian Hackenberg

Christian Hackenberg

The New York Jets have had quarterback problems for a long time now, and Joe Namath thinks it’s time to see if Christian Hackenberg can be the fix.

“I would like to see [Christian] Hackenberg,” Namath said, via NJ.com. “I think we need someone for the future.”

In truth, aside from perhaps Chad Pennington and Ken O’Brien, the Jets haven’t had a real answer at quarterback since Namath. This is a franchise that continuously struggles to put a quality starter on the field.

But after moving up in the second round of last year’s draft to select the Penn State quarterback, Namath believes the Jets owe it to their fans to see if Hackenberg is the real deal or not. Though they do have 38-year-old veteran Josh McCown, Namath doesn’t see him as a guy who’s going to be the answer.

“This is no reflection on Josh,” Namath said. “He’s a proven veteran and brings a lot to the team. But realistically, you want to make the playoffs, win a Super Bowl. We have to get the guy who can do that.”

Reports coming out of team headquarters about Hackenberg last year were brutal. The team didn’t give him a chance to play one snap, despite having no chance at the postseason the entire second half of the season. Even recently, it’s been reported the Jets don’t think Hackenberg is ready to be a starter any time soon.

No doubt many Jets fans would agree with Namath that it’s time to see what they have in Hackenberg, regardless. He’ll get his chance to earn the job, as it’s going to be a three-way competition this summer between himself, McCown and Bryce Petty. A competition we’d be surprised if McCown doesn’t win.