Joe Buck once relieved himself while announcing Brett Favre touchdown

It’s the age-old question men and women have asked themselves for years now. What do announcers broadcasting sporting events do in the event they have to use the powder room? The half won’t end. The game won’t end. Those performing on the field or on the court aren’t cooperating with the needs of the men/women broadcasting the game.

What to do?

Well, Fox’s lead NFL play-by-play man Joe Buck might have answered this life question in great detail recently. Use a trash can, and still call the game. At least, that’s what Buck himself did some 20-plus years ago when announcing a Brett Favre touchdown.

“I start (going) with like 10 seconds left coming back. And we came right back from break, and the first play from after the timeout, now I’m going, and then, bango,” Buck said in a recent appearance with Dave Dameshek on NFL Network.

Of course, Buck’s use of the term “bango” could be looked two different ways. Had he finished relieving himself or did something big happen in the game?

Still using the trash can for this ultra-creative purpose, Buck was forced to call a Favre touchdown pass to wide receiver Sterling Sharpe.

There’s a lot of questions that come to mind here. Did Buck wash his hands before returning to the broadcasting booth? Did he inform whoever was tasked with cleaning the trash can that there was a treat in there? Is this something Buck has done in the 20-plus years since?

So many questions. So little time.

At the very least, the audience watching that specific Packers game had absolutely no idea Buck wasn’t solely focused on his job. He had another duty to complete.