JJ Watt Foundation helping Houston families be home for the holidays

By Michael Dixon

One of the many sad realities of Hurricane Harvey is that its aftermath is keeping many families from being home for the holidays. But thanks to volunteers and the JJ Watt Foundation, some families will be home.

Jeff Ehling of ABC 13 detailed the job done to get one family in particular back home.

“After the storm, like so many homes in the area, the dry wall had to be removed and nearly everything in the home was destroyed,” Ehling noted. “Volunteers from Americorps, SBP, Toyota and many others got to work fixing the Garcia family home. … “It looks fabulous and the family is so happy to be home for the holidays.”

In the aftermath of the Hurricane, Watt started a fundraiser that ended up making roughly $36 million.

Ehling added that in “SBP received $8 million from the JJ Watt Foundation to help rebuild homes in Houston,” and that “thanks to them and all the volunteers, two more families will be home for Christmas as well.”

There’s obviously a lot of work that needs to be done in and around the Houston area. But certainly, it’s nice to hear stories like this in the wake of such a disaster.