Jimmy Graham on His Struggles “It’s Been a Long Year”

By Rachel Wold

Despite his personal struggles this season, New Orleans Saints’ tight end Jimmy Graham has earned his third invitation to play in the upcoming Pro Bowl.

Acknowledging that a shoulder injury he suffered back in Week 5 has been “a battle every game,” Graham, who signed a four-year deal in July, weighed in on his struggles (via ESPN.com).

Well, you know, it’s been a long year. But I haven’t really had time to really sit back and evaluate the entire year itself. But I’ll have that next week and for the next three months to really see kind of the beginning to the end of this year and to do whatever it takes not to repeat that.
I’m gonna get it right in the end.

Graham certainly hasn’t lived up to his big price tag during his “long year.” With 835 receiving yards, Graham will conclude 2014 with numbers that fall far below his normal career stats.

When asked about how defenses have changed their coverage of him, Graham responded.

You know, there’s always a safety over the top. Even on a lot of my double moves, I would get open on the immediate man-to-man, but even a middle-field safety would a lot of times cheat my way. And so that limits you on those big plays. But we’ll see, I’m gonna take a look at everything and try to improve.

After Graham plays in the Pro Bowl, he’ll have a few months to watch tapes, rehab that shoulder and hopefully present his fans and his team with a better season that the one he just finished.

Photo: fansided.com