Jimmy Garoppolo praises ‘class act’ Patrick Mahomes, who reached out after ACL injury

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Garoppolo and Patrick Mahomes are set to go head-to-head as the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs prepare for Super Bowl LIV, but they are not enemies.

In fact, Mahomes showed Garoppolo a ton of support after the 49ers quarterback tore his ACL last season in Week 3 against the Chiefs, going into San Francisco’s locker room to express his sympathy.

That personal touch stuck with Garoppolo, who spoke in glowing terms about Mahomes, calling him a “real class act” on Thursday speaking to the media ahead of the Super Bowl.

Garoppolo shared that he didn’t even know Mahomes at the time, saying what he did “went a long way.”

Mahomes is more than just a talented athlete. He’s already one of the best leaders in the NFL today and his teammates would absolutely run through a brick wall for him. And at this point, as long as he’s not facing the Chiefs, it seems Garoppolo might join them.