Jimmer Fredette dropped 75 points, and Shanghai Sharks still lost

Jimmer Fredette is a name many American basketball fans recognize but haven’t heard in a while, but his exploits against Beikong put him back on the map.

Fredette dropped 75 points on 24-of-34 shooting, including 7-of-10 from behind the arc, and 20-of-21 from the line. He also added eight rebounds, seven assists and four steals in 43 minutes.

And the Shanghai Sharks still lost by one point, thanks to a last-second game-winning shot put in by Pierre Jackson, who also had a huge game (63 points, five rebounds and eight assists).

The former BYU star is certainly still capable of putting the round ball into the hoop.

One wonders if the 29-year-old will ever make his way back to the NBA. He’s been playing in China since 2016 and seems to be quite comfortable there (unless Stephon Marbury is involved). But given the way the NBA is so offense-friendly these days, perhaps he’d be able to thrive back at home.