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Jerry Jones to Dallas Cowboys fans: ‘I will never sell this team’

dallas cowboys, jerry jones
Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan hoping that long-time owner Jerry Jones would finally make the bold move to sell the most valuable franchise in the NFL, the team’s top boss has some bad news for you.

After purchasing the team in 1989, it wasn’t long before Jerry Jones helped turn the Cowboys into the NFL’s premiere franchise. In just his fourth year as a franchise owner, the organization earned its first Super Bowl victory in 15 seasons. Dallas added on to that during their decade of dominance and took home the Lombardi Trophy in 1994 and then again in 1996. Cowboys fans were in love with Jones for building a legitimate football dynasty in Dallas.

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However, since then the organization has had many disappointing seasons. Especially after Jones took on a more prominent role in forming the team’s roster. Rosters that often have been high-priced and underachieved on expectations of contending for Super Bowl titles. It has now been 16 years since the Cowboys last one an NFL championship, and their chances aren’t good in 2022 with franchise quarterback Dak Prescott sidelined for at least the first month of the season.

Dallas Cowboys owner is open to idea of a weekly radio segment taking fan questions

dallas cowboys, jerry jones
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With another season going in the wrong direction, it brought up the topic of fan frustration during a recent appearance Jones made on Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan. The Cowboys boss was asked about the idea of taking fan questions, and Jones admitted he wouldn’t be against a segment like that because it is something he has done in the past. However, he also wants some cowboys supporters to understand you can be as frustrated as you want, but don’t waste your time with questions and speculation on him selling the team because that ain’t happening.

“We used to have fans call in and I’d answer a question. I’d be mad too. I will tell you right now, the best way to get something done is to have [the question] come straight to me. Those same fans know I’ll never sell this team. I sure would welcome the segment. I live with it every day. Let me say this, I’m so sensitive to our fans. I will tell you … you look around, and [see that] rehiring or shuffling out General Managers on top of shuffling out coaches — I haven’t seen that be the secret to success in the league.”

– cowboys owner Jerry jones [h/t pro football talk]

The 79-year-old boss could certainly be knocked for the team’s performance on the field over the last 33 years, however, there is no doubt he has turned the Cowboys brand into a global powerhouse, with the franchise currently being worth $8 billion. During his tenure as owner, the Cowboys have an overall record of 288-242.

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