Jerry Jones happy Tony Romo isn’t playing for another NFL team

Jerry Jones
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is still quite the talk around the league despite his decision to retire from football.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a big part of keeping the conversations alive.

That’s at least a flattering compliment coming from Jones, whose organization put Romo up for trade earlier in April. It did not take long for Romo to decide to retire once that happened.

Prior to Romo’s departure from the league, he was linked to both the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos as a potential trade candidate. If he had gone to the Broncos, Jones’ Cowboys would have faced Romo in Week 2 in Denver.

Back in March well before his retirement, Romo had also mentioned that he would want to play for a team that would go up against the Cowboys. He would have been guaranteed this chance had he signed on with either Washington, Philadelphia or the New York Giants.

What could have been is over for now. Jones won’t have to worry about facing Romo on the field unless the quarterback decides to make a surprise return to the game later this year.

Some are of the opinion that he will do exactly that.