Jeff Fisher: We’re staying with Case Keenum

Just minutes after the Los Angeles Rams lost to the New York Giants in London, head coach Jeff Fisher addressed the media and answered questions about Case Keenum.

The veteran quarterback had a miserable game, throwing four interceptions (including a pick-six you have to see to believe), with the final interception coming right at the end of the game when the Rams had a chance to tie.

When asked about a potential quarterback switch, Fisher shot down any notion that Jared Goff might finally get his chance to play.

Fisher elaborated, targeting an issue he feels is more pressing at this time.

He also said Keenum isn’t the reason they lost three game sin a row.

“The quarterback is not the reason, by the way, that we lost three (straight) games,” Fisher said following Sunday’s outing, via the Orange County Register.

Truthfully, at least two of his interceptions were the result of tipped passes that should have been caught. And the final pick at the end of the game appeared to be blatant miscommunication between Keenum and receiver Brian Quick (watch here).

Based on Fisher’s response, we’re betting Quick is at fault for that one, too.

But the other side of the coin as it relates to Keenum is that he just isn’t a good quarterback to begin with. Looking at his career, we’re talking about a guy who had completed 58.4 percent of his passes with 22 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 22 career games heading into Sunday’s tilt against the Giants.

Calls for Goff at this point are ringing loudly, but the rookie’s performance in the preseason and training camp are the reason he’s not getting a chance. In every way, Keenum outplayed Goff during the exhibition season and during camp.

Who knows if Goff will one day become great. But we know for sure he’s not even passably good right now.

With that in mind, expect plenty more mediocrity from Los Angeles’ offense this year. We knew heading into the season that the team’s receivers were not spectacular. Neither is the quarterback.

At this point, the only thing we cannot figure out is why the heck the Rams cannot figure out a way to get Todd Gurley more involved.