Jeff Fisher hilariously explains why he couldn’t find challenge flag

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher’s seemingly clueless ability on the sideline has been the subject of many jokes around the NFL world in recent years.

This was taken to a completely different level when Fisher was seen fishing (drum roll, please) for his challenge flag during the Rams’ blowout loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. It was nowhere to be found. He couldn’t spot it. Someone had either stolen it or Fisher himself had misplaced it.

Yes, it was a tremendous scene of pure comedy mixed with millions of people shaking their heads (watch here).

There were GIFS and memes the world over. Jokes were had at his expense.

Now, two days removed from the Rams’ latest loss, their seventh in eight games, Fisher explained what went wrong with the challenge flag.

Yes folks, this is the same guy that the Rams signed to a two-year extension, something that was reported just hours before they put up a grand total of 25 yards in the first half against New England. It also came after Fisher himself openly wondered how current San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead would perform for the Pats against his Rams.

Fisher was under-dressed for a game in New England. In December. He put on extra winter clothing forgetting that the first layer actually housed his challenge flag.

Sometimes, people laugh with you. This most definitely isn’t one of those times.