Jeff Fisher five losses away from all-time NFL record

The next Los Angeles Rams loss will be an historic one. Assuming Jeff Fisher remains on board as head coach, the next loss will tie him with Tom Landry for second on the all-time list. Four more losses will square him with Dan Reeves for the losingest coach in NFL history.

One thing that needs to be said. Total losses can be an indicator of how good someone is. A coach would never be allowed to lose that many games if they weren’t winning a lot, too. Tom Landry, Don Shula, and George Halas are all in the Hall of Fame. Halas’ career predates the Super Bowl era, but he did win six NFL Championships. Landry, Shula, and Tom Coughlin all won two Super Bowls. Reeves never won the Super Bowl (as a coach), but did get to the big game four times.

That’s where Fisher’s inclusion on the list is confusing. Fisher is third on the career loss list, but only tied for 11th on the wins list. That’s quite a disparity.

For as long as we can remember, he’s been the definition of mediocrity.

In 2008, the Fisher led Tennessee Titans went 13-3. Since then, Fisher has coached six full NFL seasons. In that time, his teams have been no worse than 8-8, but no better than 6-10. At 3-5, the 2016 Rams are on a 6-10 pace.

Fisher has reached one Super Bowl. Since the Super Bowl XXXIV loss, Fisher has coached 15 full NFL seasons. His teams have made the playoffs five times. Only twice have they won a playoff game. Even in a poor NFC West, it sure doesn’t seem like Fisher will add to either total in 2016.

How in the world has he been allowed to lose this many games? Fisher is a mediocre coach, but this record is really more of an indictment on the executives that have allowed it to happen for so long.

The way Los Angeles is going, this is certainly a record that can go down this year.