Jay Cutler doing some interesting things with his time outside of football

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler speaks to reporters ahead of NFL preseason Week 2

For those wondering how NFL free agent quarterback Jay Cutler stays busy behind the scenes at home, we’ve got you covered.

He helps his wife Kristin Cavallari out with the cooking.

Of all things, acorn squash boats are his specialty. Believe it or not. Cutler is known to make these for breakfast for any guests who stay overnight. Cavallari wrote this about the squash boats in her new cookbook, “True Roots.”

“We’ve never had one person not comment on how good and different they are. They’re the perfect balance between salty (sausage), sweet (squash) and deliciousness,” Cavallari noted, per Tracy Swartz of the Chicago Tribune (h/t Sun Sentinel.)”

Aside from Cutler’s acorn squash boats, he enjoys whiskey for his drink of choice and has a hard time saying no to “anything with chocolate and peanut butter.”

Cutler and his wife currently reside in Nashville where they moved to last year. So far, the quarterback remains a free agent after coming out of a brief retirement to play for the Miami Dolphins in 2017.

From the tone of this story, it would appear that Cutler is enjoying life as a homebody — at least for the time being.