Jason Witten on TD celebrations: ‘Act like you’ve been there before’

A Cowboy on and off the field, veteran tight end Jason Witten is one of the few remaining “old-school” players in the NFL. He goes about his business on a weekly basis like he’s done over the past 14 years in Dallas. He has no celebration dance. He doesn’t showboat on the field.

During this very same span, he’s spent time with the likes of Dez Bryant and Terrell Owens as his teammates. Needless to say, these colorful figures represented a changing of the guard.

Still going strong as he enters his 15th year with the Cowboys, Witten has no plans to change up his on-field demeanor.

“Granddad taught me a long time ago, act like you’ve been there before,” Witten said about on-field celebrations, via the Dallas Morning News. “But better yet, I’m just not as clever as these guys.”

For his part, Bryant doesn’t seem to fall in line with his long-time teammate.

“Check me out,” Dez Bryant said. “When I get in that endzone Sunday, Sept. 10. We got some stuff planned.”

“We” presumably doesn’t include Witten. Though, it would be a sight to behold if he were seen jumping into a Salvation Army Bucket.

The good news here for Dallas is that the NFL has now taken a more liberal approach to on-field celebrations starting this upcoming season.

And for Witten’s part, he’s not against other guys having some fun on the field. In fact, he referenced Ezekiel Elliott’s celebration from last year.

“Jumping in the Salvation Army bucket and throwing up the X,” Witten said. “I love (Terrance Williams’) even better. He’s kind of got that little swag walk as I call it.”

As Dallas enters the 2017 season as defending NFC East champs, the team has been dealing with a ton of off-field drama. Let’s just hope that’s replaced with Witten going all awkward in hopes of keeping up with his younger Boys teammates.