James Harrison rips Antonio Brown: ‘Not helping the team get better’

By Vincent Frank
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has already ruffled a few feathers in Northern California since being acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers in an off-season trade.

The seven-time Pro Bowler missed a vast majority of training camp, primarily due to an issue with his helmet. Brown has filed two grievances with the NFL in hopes of being able to wear the same helmet he donned during his Pittsburgh Steelers days.

In between this, Brown was said to be contemplating retirement. Needless to say, it’s been a summer filled with drama surrounding the divisive receiver.

In talking about his former Steelers teammate, James Harrison noted on Tuesday that he believes it’s time for Brown to let the entire helmet thing go. He also noted that Brown is not helping the Raiders amid this drama.

Those are some strong words from the potential future Hall of Famer. Harrison suited up with Brown for six seasons with the Steelers.

If he’s turning on Brown, that tells us a story of players deciding against backing the troubled pass catcher.