James Harden takes shot at Warriors in letter to Rockets fans

By Michael Dixon

James Harden is not a fan of the Golden State Warriors.

He’s previously remarked that while they’re very talented, the Warriors only have “one basketball.” More recently, Harden penned a letter, posted on the Houston Rockets Twitter feed. See if you can spot the subtle shot at the Warriors.


Indeed, the Rockets are not a “super team.” With a 41-41 record, one would in fact have to argue pretty hard to say that Houston is even a “decent team.”

Against the Warriors, Harden’s Rockets haveĀ been even worse.

Obviously, that 2-15 record was achieved without Kevin Durant on the Warriors. In fact, Golden State was without Steph Curry for four games against Houston during the 2015-16 regular season and playoffs. In those four games, the Warriors were 3-1.

Also, when one thinks of the Rockets, is “hard work” the first thing that comes to mind? Doubtful, especially for anyone who’s ever watched them play defense.

The sentiment is nice, but it’s awfully hard to take this too seriously.