Jalen Ramsey labels himself as a ‘corner’, wants to cover Dez Bryant

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of USA Today Images

When NFL Network’s “Around the NFL” asked Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey about what position he envisions playing at the next level, he indicated cornerback was his best fit ( via Kevin Patra of NFL.com).

Addressing other questions about the draft, Ramsey humbly said he doesn’t care where he plays or where he is picked in the draft.

Most mock drafts have Ramsey, who can play corner and safety, going somewhere in the top five.

The NFL receiver Ramsey would most like to go up against is Dez Bryant:

“I just like his mindset, his competitiveness, people call it cocky, call it confident, you can call it arrogant, you can call it whatever you want. He’s one of the best receivers in the game and that’s always been the guy who I wanted to go up against, whether it’s in practice or the game.”

Ramsey may get his wish if the Cowboys themselves don’t select him with pick No. 4.

Possible teams that could target Ramsey include the San Diego Chargers at three and San Francisco 49ers at seven.

Ramsey posted a total of 181 tackles, five sacks and three interceptions during his three seasons at Florida State. In just a matter of hours, Ramsey will find out where he will call home in the NFL.