WATCH: USC’s blind long snapper Jake Olson is absolutely fearless

USC long-snapper Jake Olson

USC long snapper Jake Olson is a remarkable young man. He’s 100 percent blind due to childhood cancer, and last year he became one of the most inspirational players on the national scene.

Olson hasn’t let his blindness stop him from pursuing many things in life that might surprise you. For instance, he loves to golf.

On Thursday night, the Trojans released a video showing that Olson is also fearless. Check him out here, taking a plunge off the school’s high dive.

This is the inner strength that makes Olson so unique. No limits. No fear. Just living life to the fullest, without any regard to what many people would consider a debilitating limitation.

Rock on, Jake. We look forward to seeing you out on the gridiron again this year.