Jake Butt has hilarious fan club in Denver

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Butt has a funny name. The Denver Broncos’ tight end — along with the rest of his family — is well aware of this and has embraced it.

In Sunday’s season opener, Jake’s father, Rob Butt, was in the crowd wearing a jersey with “HEAD BUTT” on the back, per Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post. It’s better than being the butt head, we suppose.

Sitting by him were Butt’s brother and mother, AKA “LIL BUTT” and “MAMA BUTT.”

But fan club, or the Butt Army, is not just limited to immediate family members. While it’s relatively new in Denver, it’s been a big thing at Butt’s previous stops.

“On Butt’s way to becoming a two-time All-American at Michigan, the army became a phat and happy thing,” Kiszla wrote. “Anyone who loved Butt showed up to games wearing his jersey, adorned with word play on football’s funniest, punniest name.”

Jake also has had fun with the name. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, he warned that the group will only get bigger.

“The Butt Army? We’re growing,” the tight end said, per Kiszla. “It’s big. And getting bigger.”

Ideally, Butt and quarterback Case Keenum will develop a strong connection this year. Butt-Case definitely has a nice ring to it.

Beyond that, though we just hope that Butt rises to the occasion in the biggest moments of the game. The last thing we’d want would be for Butt to clinch up in crunch time. We certainly don’t want to see Butt choke, or leak oil as we get deeper into the season.