Jaguars troll the Ravens over Jalen Ramsey selection

By Vincent Frank

Largely considered the biggest winners of the first round of the 2016 NFL draft on Thursday, the Jacksonville Jaguars were in high spirits.

After all, they just landed one of the draft’s top players with the fifth overall pick. That came in the form of former Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

Apparently, the Baltimore Ravens attempted to trade up from the sixth spot to land Ramsey, an attempt that obviously failed:

Man, that’s an epic troll job if we have ever seen one.

Baltimore ended up selecting former Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley with the sixth pick after deciding to pass up on the suddenly much-maligned Laremy Tunsil.

While we won’t go as far to indicate that Baltimore failed big time in the top 10, we do know that Jacksonville aced the early portion of the draft.

It would have been nice if the Ravens responded with a photo of their two Super Bowl rings, but apparently they weren’t down for a fun give-and-take on social media.