Jaguars players find out through media that Gus Bradley was fired

Some organizations just don’t get it. There’s a certain way to do things. And there’s most definitely another way to do things. The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to teach us this on a consistent basis.

Mere minutes after the team announced on Sunday that it had fired head coach Gus Bradley, players on the Jaguars reached out to certain members of the media to ask whether it was true.

You read that right. The Jaguars decided it made more sense to announce the firing publicly before talking to their players privately.

This really is just another example of a downtrodden organization not understanding how to treat its players. Not understanding that it might be important to keep those tasked with helping your organization succeed on the field in the loop about what’s happening within the organization itself.

If the Jaguars’ brass doesn’t respect its players enough to tell them beforehand that they’re about to make a major move, how can the powers to be within the organization expect respect to be shown to them from the players?

ThereĀ are many reasons why Jacksonville has won a grand total of 16 games since the start of the 2012 season. But we don’t have to look much further than this to understand why the organization continues to be a laughingstock.